Eligibility criteria
Caste Status : Scheduled Castes
Annual Family Income : Rs. 81000 in rural area and Rs. 103000 in urban area
Age : 18 to 50 years
Caste Certificate : Certificate from competent authority (SDO)
Guarantee : One Govt./Semi Govt. employee (any category) or Local MLA or Local Prodhan relected member of local Panchyat (any tie) or elected local Commissioner or local Chairman of the Municipality or person holding Property double of the project cost or any beneficiary of the NSFDC, who has recovered his or her dues fully.
  Provision for Finance
Project Cost : Up to Rs. 30 lakhs but generally considered Rs. 10 lakhs
Subsidy : Maximum Rs. 10000 only to the BPL candidate
Margin Money Loan : 5% of the project cost and Rs. 20000, whichever is less @ 4% interest.
Term Loan : 90% (aprox) of the project cost is NSFDC Loan @ 6-10% interest
Basis of Implementation : 100% in individual